Conceptual Differences Between Hinduism and Christianity


God One Of The Many Gods; Ultimate Reality; Soul of the Universe One God; Triune: Father-Son-Holy Spirit
World Eternal, Cyclical, Subject To Law Of Karma; Subject To Maya Created Out Of Nothing By God; Real
Man Self Is Divine, Birth-Death-Rebirth Creation-Fall-Judgment; Birth-Death-Judgment
Heavenly Beings Devatas Angels
Demons Asuras, Rakshashas Fallen Angels
Nature Sattva-Rajas-Tamas Subject To Corruption
Sin Transgression Of Caste-Duty Transgression Of Love
Righteousness Dharma (Caste-Duty) Law And Will Of God; Right Standing With God
Incarnation Of Deity Multiple; Partial; To Destroy Wicked Single; Final; Complete; Permanent; To Save Sinners
Spiritual Power Through Self-Realization; Activation Of Power Centers In Body; Mantrik; Tantric; Siddhi Of The Holy Spirit
Sacrifice Yagya– accompanied with Vedic chants; to appease gods; to ward off evil spirits; Some sacrifices may be to appease the evil spirits; in occultic groups, sacrifice is connected to tantrik power Christ is the True and Final Sacrifice for the Sins of the World
Salvation Self-Realization, Samadhi, Super-Consciousness; Deliverance From Cycle Of Rebirth; Through Meritorious Efforts Or Bhakti Deliverance From The Penalty Of Sin By Faith In The Atoning Sacrifice Of Jesus Christ
Heaven Ruled By Indra, Place Of Pleasure, Dwelling Place Of Gods And Goddesses Ruled By God, Dwelling Place Of God, Dwelling Place Of Angels, Dwelling Place Of The Redeemed
Hell Place Of Torment Place Of Torment
Offerings Meritorious Dedication; Belongedness
Temple Earthly Place Of Worship The Christian’s Body; Heaven
Holy Places Pilgrimage Considered Meritorious Where Two or Three Are Gathered in Christ’s Name, He Is In Their Midst
Priesthood Brahminism Priesthood of Believers; Jesus is the High Priest
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