Deliverance from Myself

“Kurien Thomas has 4 enemies: the world, the flesh, the devil, and Kurien Thomas; the greatest and most dreadful of these is Kurien Thomas himself.” ~ Dr. Kurien Thomas

How blessed it is when a man knows Christ as his Deliverer from himself!

We desire salvation from sin, from sickness, from the affliction and bondage of the devil, while the greatest and deadliest of all enemies rests within us – it is our own self.

“From an external enemy, I can run as far as I can; but, I can’t run away from myself” ~ Dr. Kurien Thomas” (Kurien Thomas)

I am my own enemy, I am my own death.
Even if I chose, this thing I can’t reject.
I can fight or run from any enemy that I have;
But, I can’t fight or run from my very self!!

Oh, how deadly is the state of that man who is ensnared by himself;
How ghastly and fatal his hope and his end!
Lord, bring me out of this miry clay of myself,
And cast my feet on You, the Solid Rock!!

Domenic Marbaniang, July 2010


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