Happy Republic Day 2014 India!!

Last year, I wrote about the three F’s of our great Constitution.

Our Constitution asserted our
1. FREEDOM. We were a sovereign republic.
2. FORM. The word “Constitution” itself speaks of form and identity. The Constitution declared the nature, form, and identity of the nation. It answered questions like “What is this nation?” “What is its form?” “Who is its citizen?” “Who are the officials?”
3. FUNCTION. The Constitution established the various functions of the State: of the governing officials as well as the citizens. As responsible citizens, we are called to abide by the rules of the Constitution of our nation.

Let me add another ‘F’ to the above:
4. FUTURE. The Constitution also foresaw a future for the nation. It was not without its futurist vision. It foresaw a nation in which all people together will enjoy Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

Citizens who are not aware of what our Constitution actually looks like can download the entire text from here.

Check this site for live updates on the celebration.

Happy Republic Day!


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