Authority of the Church

Those who have received Jesus in their lives have the authority to be called the children of God. They have God’s authority given to them as sons of God.
Anointing and authority are related. Anointing to an office gives authority of the office. 
In the OT, priests were anointed to intercede for and to teach people the difference between good and evil. The church has the priestly anointing for intercession and to uphold the word of God (1Pet 2:9; 1Tim.2:1-4; Phil.2:15,16). Kings were anointed to lead, govern, protect, and give justice to people. The church is a royal priesthood and children of God are appointed as kings in God’s kingdom with authority over all the powers of the devil and his kingdom (Rev.1:6; 5:10; Luke 10:19). They will judge angels in the kingdom to come (1Cor.6:2-3). In the OT, prophets were anointed to testify for God. In NT, the church is witness of Christ (Rev.19:10).
The church has authority in Jesus Name
1. In doctrine – To preach the Gospel and uphold the truth of God (Matt.28:18-20; 1Tim.3:15)
2. On earth and in heaven – to bind and to loose (Matt.18:18)
3. Over diseases and death – To heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead (Matt.10:8)
4. Over demons  (serpents and scorpions) – To tread over them and to cast them out (Luke10:19)
5. Over nature and situations (mountains, trees, creatures) (Mark 11:23; Matt.21:20; Mark 16:18)
6. To pray and receive (John 15:16; 16:24,26)
   a. To pray for the people of God for their protection and for spiritual victories (Eph.6:18; 2Thess.3:1; Heb.13:18)
    b. To pray for all men (1Tim.2:1)
    c. To pray for political rulers and change political history (1Tim.2:2)
    d. To pray to receive what they need from God’s resources provided for them
7. To forgive or retain sins of people against them (John 20:23; 2Cor.2:7)
8. To appoint people to office in the church and serve each other in submission, love, and humility (Matt.20:25,26; Tit.1:5)
9. For discipline in the Church (1Cor.5:4,5,11; 4:21)
10. For the execution of God-given responsibilities in the world (Mark 13:34)
11. God-given authority in the Church must be honored (Heb.13:7,17; Jude 1:8)
12. Church authority is pastoral, servant-minded, and ruled by love (1Pet.5:2,3,4).

God will entrust more authority in the age to come to the one who is faithful to fruitfully use all the authority given to him/her here on earth today (Luke 19:17)


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