“To persist” means “to continue firmly in spite of difficulty, opposition, or failure.” To persist means to keep moving ahead in spite of wind, fire, and rain. To persist means to continue, to be constant, to keep pressing forward. To persist means to never stop.

Value of Persistence
1. Persistence brings answers to prayer (Luke 18:1-8; 11:8; 1Thess.5:17; Acts 12:5)
2. Persistence Inherits the promises of God (Heb. 6:12)
3. Persistence has a sure reward (Gal.6:9)
4. Persistence obtains the prize (Rev.12:11; 1Cor.9:25)

Key Elements of Persistence
1. Clear goal (Phil.3:14)
2. Strong determination (1Cor.9:24)
3. Faith (Mark 11:24)
4. Love of God (Rom.8:38,39; 1Pet.1:8,9)
5. Vigilance (Col.4:2; 1Pet.5:8; Lk.21:36)
6. Encouraging self (Jdg.20:22; 1Sam.30:6)
7. Avoiding distractions (2Tim.2:4)
8. Pressing on (Phil.3:12,14; Heb.6:1)


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