Lust is intense craving coupled with an insatiable appetite (Num.11:4; Eze.16:28; Phil.3:19). It leads to sin (James 1:14,15)

Characteristics of Lust
Various (2 Tim.3:6)
Harmful (1 Tim. 6:9)
Foolish (1 Tim.6:9)
Deceitful (Eph.4:22)
Fleshly (1Pet.2:11)
Worldly (Tit.2:12)
Ungodly (Jude 1:18)

Thrust of Lust
Lusts of Flesh (Eph.2:3)
Lust of Heart (Rom.1:24)
Lust of Eyes (1John 2:16)

Historiography of Lust
Lusts of Men (1Pet.4:2)
Lusts of your Fathers (John 8:44)
Former Lusts (1Pet.1:14)
Youthful Lusts (2Tim.2:22)

Experience of Lust
Temptation of Lust (James 1:14)
Drawn away by Lust (James 1:14)
Enticed by Lust (James 1:14)
Conception of Lust (James 1:15)
Looking in order to Lust – Active (Matt.5:28)
Burning in Lust (Rom.1:27)
Corruption of Lust (2Pet.1:4)

Consequence of Lust
Blindness (2Pet.1:9)
Bondage (2Pet.2:19,20)
Blasphemy (2Pet. 2:2)
Sin (James 1:15)
Death (James 1:15; Rom.8:13)

Deliverance from Lust
Flesh crucified with lusts – The Fact (Gal.5:24)
Partakers of Divine (Sinless) Nature by Promise (2Pet.1:4; 1John 3:9)
Do not allow sin to be king by obeying its lusts (Rom.6:12)
Put on Christ (Rom.13:14)
Walk in the Spirit (Gal.5:16)
Hold on to the Word of Life (Phil.2:16)
Present body to the Lord as living sacrifice (Rom.6:13; 12:1-3)
Possess body in sanctification and honor (1Thess.4:4)
Flee lusts (2Tim.2:22)
Abstain from lusts (1Pet.2:11)
Mortify deeds of the body by the Spirit (Rom.8:13; Col.3:5)
Make no provision for the flesh (Rom.13:14)
Pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace (2Tim.2:22)

Benefits of Overcoming
Fulfillment of God’s will (Rom.12:1-3)
Fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5:22-23)
Fearlessness and Confidence toward God (1John 3:21)
Rewards in Christ’s Kingdom (Rev.2-3)


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