Anxiety is
Worry about the seeming insecurities of life (Matt.6:25)
Insecurity about future (Matt.6:34)
Fear of the uncertain (Jer.17:8; Eze.12:18)

Anxiety causes
Depression (Prov.12:25)
Desperation (Dan.2:3)

Jesus taught us not to worry (Matt.6:25)
Worrying can solve not even the least of the problem (Luke 12:25,26)
We must not have an anxious mind (Luke 12:29,30)
We must believe that God takes care of us (Luke 12:25,26; Matt.6:26-31)
We must pray with thanksgiving and speak to God instead of worrying and murmuring (Phil.4:6)
Divine peace and consolation is the answer to anxiety (Phil.4:7; Psalm 94:19)


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