Greed is

  1. Sin (Exo.20:17)
  2. The greedy desire to have more (Gk. pleonexia).
  3. Desire for unjust gain (Hb. betsa)
  4. Desire, craving, longing for what is forbidden (Gk. epithumia)
  5. To give one’s self up to the love of money (Gk. oregomai, 1Tim.6:10)
  6. Eagerness for base gain (Gk. aischrokerdes, 1Tim.3:3)

To be without greed means to be without love for money or be content with such things as one has (Gk. aphilarguros)

Love of Money (or Possessions)

  1. Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil (1Tim.6:6)
  2. Love of money leads one astray from faith (1Tim.6:10)
  3. Love of money makes one unfit for the Kingdom of God (Lk.18:22,23)
  4. Love of money makes one unfit for ministry (1Tim.3:3,8; Tit.1:7; 1Pet.5:2)
  5. Love of money ensnares one into piercings of many sorrows (1Tim.6:10)
  6. Love of money causes trouble to one’s house (Prov.15:27)
  7. Love of money leads to violence, wars, and oppression (Mic.2:2; James 4:1-3)

One who is greedy

  1. Will never have enough (Isaiah 56:11)
  2. Can never serve God (Luke 16:13)
  3. Derides Christ (Luke 16:14)
  4. Shall not inherit the kingdom of God (1Cor.6:10; Eph.5:5)
  5. Has a heart exercised with covetous practices and is cursed (2Pet.2:14)

The antidote to greed is divine, sacrificial love (Rom.13:9-10; 1Cor.13).


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