Arithmetic of Foreknowledge

In humans, the future exists as possibilities. The past exists as actualized (fulfilled) events.
However, in God, the future is as real as the present and the past – as actualized; because, time is not independent of God, God holds all things together.
But, while He holds all things together, He does not determine each thing; for to do that, He must exist prior to future; but, that is not the case because future, as both present and past, is coterminous with Him – “In Him we move, and live, and have our being.” God is eternal.
Therefore, God’s foreknowledge is perfect and yet non-deterministic.

In humans, future is not out there.
Future is what becomes of the world and us; but, it is yet not out there.
Which means that the future is non-existent at the moment.
Then, how does God foreknow the non-existent?

For God, the future is in Him because He holds space-time together in Him; but, He is neither determined by time nor determines it; God is not in the process of becoming (in opposition to Process Theology); God’s being is complete and actualized.
God is not in time, subject to the flux and possibilities of a future-anything. But, time is in God.
Therefore, the future is not non-existent to God; in fact, the split of past, present, and future does not apply to divine fore-knowledge since He is trans-temporal.

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