Christ-Like and Christ-Unlike Mission Models

1. Incarnation Model (Heb. 2:14; 1Cor.9:22)
2. Sacrificial Model (Gal.1:20; Phil.2:17; 1Thess 2:6, 9)
3. Reconciliation Model (Eph.2:14; 2Cor.5:18; Rom.5:1; Gal.3:28; John 17:21)
4. Glorification (Uplifting, Dignifying) Model (John 17:22; Eph.3:8-11; 2Cor.8:9).

1. Detachment from the “lost”; catering to the apathetic. (Luke 15; 19:20, Matt 9:12, 23:14;James 1:27).
2. Denominationalism, Quantificationism, Subordinationism, Nominalism (Luke 9:50, Gal.1:16-24, 1Chron 21:1, Acts 8:4, Matt 23:15).
3. Deceptive and Disguisive Models (Rom.16:18).
4. Demand and Supply Models (1Thess 2:6,7; 1Pet.5:2).
5. Dictatorial Models (1Pet.5:3).

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