Feasts Of The Lord & Their Significance


Nisan 14
Reading: Song of Solomon
Commemoration: Deliverance from Egyptian Bondage
10 – Selecting and taking an umblemished 1st year male lamb according to household, each.
14 – Slaying of the lamb between the two evenings. Do not break its bone. Sprinkle blood with hyssop on lintel of the front door. Eat it roasted, with unleavened bread and with bitter herbs in haste
Typical Significance: The death of Christ our Sacrificial Lamb

Nisan 15-21
Massot/Unleavened Bread (7 Days)
Reading: Continue Song of Solomon
Commemoration: Hardships of the hurried flight from Egypt
Unleavened Bread. 7 Days no leaven. 
1st Day and 7th Day Holy
Convocation. No manner of work except eating.
Burnt Offerings (2 bullocks, 1 ram,7 lambs)
A Sin Offering (1 Goat)
Typical Signicance: Life Separated from Sin

Nisan 16
Omer, Bikkurim (Day After Sabbath)/ First Fruits
Commemoration: Coming into the Land of Promise
Bring a sheaf of the first fruits of harvest unto priest. The priest is to wave the sheaf before YHWH.
Burnt Offering (1 he lamb of 1st year)
Grain Offering (2/10 fine flour + oil)
Drink Offering (wine, 1/4th of an hin)
Eat neither bread nor parched corn,nor green earl
Typical Significance: Resurrection of Christ

Ziv 6
Shabuot/ Weeks (7, 7s) Pentecost (Fiftieth)
Reading: Ruth
Commemoration: Celebration of the Harvest Dedication of First Fruits of Wheat Harvest
A Holy Convocation (as Sabbath)
Wave Offering (2 leavened loaves of wheat flour)
Burnt Offering (7 lambs, 1 bullock,2 rams)
Sin Offering (he goat)
Peace Offering (2 male lambs)
Additional Burnt Offering and Sin
Offering at the Convocation Itself (Num.28:27)
Typical Significance: Coming of the Holy Spirit

Tishri 1
Yom Terua, Rosh Hashanah/ Trumpets
Commemoration: Blowing of Trumpets
A Holy Convocation (no servile work)
Burnt Offering (1 bullock, 1 ram, 7 lambs)
Meat Offering (flour mingled with oil, 3/10 deals for bullock; 2/10 for a ram; 1/10 for each lamb)
Sin Offering (1 kid of goats or male goat)
Typical Significance: Rapture or Second Coming of Christ

Tishri 10
Yom Kippur/Atonement
Commemoration: Sacrifices for Sins of the Nation
Holy Convocation (afflict souls; no work)
Burnt Offering (1 bullock, 1 ram, 7 lambs)
Meat Offering (flour with oil; 3/10 deals for bullock; 2/10 for a ram; 1/10 for each lamb)
Sin Offering (1 goat kid/male goat)
Scape Goat (Lev.16:3-10, 20-28)
Typical Significance: Pardon of God’s People(Zechariah 12:10-14)

Tishri 15-22
Sukkot/Tabernacle(7 Days/ Ingathering)
Reading: Ecclesiastes
Commemoration: Wanderings in the Wilderness & Celebration of End of Harvest
Convocations on 15th and 22nd
Burnt Offering (13-7 bullocks day by day. On 1st day 13, second day 12, so on.. 2 rams, 14 lambs Num.29:13-38)
Sin Offering (1 goat)
Celebrants to live in booths,celebrating the week with fruits)
Typical Signicance: Fellowship of God’s people dwelling together in peace Prophetic of the entire Millennial Kingdom, the celebration of the completion of the harvest.


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