25 Things Christ Accomplished on the Cross

  1. Sins remitted (Heb.9:22; 10:18)
  2. Writing of Law against us cancelled (Col.2:14)
  3. Old man crucified (Rom.6:6)
  4. Sin’s power destroyed (Rom.6:14)
  5. Sting of death removed (1Cor.15:55)
  6. Principalities and powers disarmed (Col.2:15)
  7. Principalities and powers triumphed upon (Col.2:15)
  8. Principalities and powers made public spectacle of (Col.2:15)
  9. Devil’s works destroyed (1Jn.3:8)
  10. Fear of death removed (Heb.2:14,15)
  11. World crucified to self and self to the world – separation (Gal.6:14)
  12. Way into the Holiest paved (Heb.10:20) – Access
  13. Flesh crucified with its lusts (Gal.5:24)
  14. Man in his sin embraced (justice and love kissed each other) (1Jn.4:10; Rev.1:5)
  15. Believer justified (Rom.5:9; 8:1)
  16. Believer sanctified (Heb.13:12)
  17. Christian given victory power over devil (Rev.12:11)
  18. Christ lifted up as a sign (Jn.3:14)
  19. Christ becomes the vision of Christian race (Heb.12:2)
  20. Christian made possession of heaven (1Cor.6:19,20; 1Pt.1:19)
  21. Peace with God (Eph.2:16; Ro.5:1; Col.1:20)
  22. Peace with each other (Eph.2:14-16)
  23. Believer redeemed from curse of the Law (Gal.3:13)
  24. New Covenant (Testament) enforced by death of Testator (Heb.9:16)
  25. Believers perfected (Heb.10:14)

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