Tall Buildings

Tall and magnificent buildings do often elicit awe from meagre men who can’t afford to build a room for themselves, perhaps hardly even find a place to rest their head. Jesus’s disciples in Matthew 24 were also immensely stricken by the beauty of the famous Herod’s Temple. However, Jesus had a different opinion. He saw the present with the eyes of its future. He told the disciples that not one of the Temple’s stone would remain upon another. Isn’t that also true of any major edifice we know of today? However, that doesn’t undermine their present use. If there wasn’t, Jesus would not have cleansed the Temple. However, we must also learn not to be wrongly awed by shadowy visibles, while remaining oblivious of the glorious world to come. It is better to remain awed by only things that will remain to the end, and forever.


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