What is the New Government in India Up to?

Like a storm that grows fiercely strong, then calms down into a modest breeze, has been the advent of the BJP into the present political scene.

But what can be predicted ahead of all this? Let’s use the following three tools to analyse that:

1. The Modus Operandi Tool. (The Empirical a posteriori Tool) The markets have already responded in prospect of predictions based on Modi’s previous modus operandi and expressed commitment to economic empowerment of the nation. There are estimated statistics of the number of jobs that’ll be created and economic surges to come. One needs to wait and see if the predicted market efficiency will be real.

2. The Essentialist Tool. (The a priori Tool) Will the BJP be patient to address its central and essential motives for choosing to become a political party? Issues like Article 370 on the Kashmir issue, a Uniform Civil Code, Anti-Horizontal Conversions, and the Ram Mandir can only be ignored given the zeitgeist of the Party has transited to more moderate weathers. The essentialist analysis would argue that the BJP will not abandon the fundamentals in the same way that it is impossible for the tiger to give up his tiger-nature; a compromise on the ideologically-related areas can indicate a compromise of essential identity. But, a political party of the second generation should not be fully equated with a tiger-cub of the second generation. The latter don’t undergo nature-transformation; but, knowledge and historical experience can change a lot of things in humans – and, to be a human means to be open to constructive change, to have wider and more liberal vision.

3. The Existentialist Tool. This would rather be a bolder prediction if one views Modi not as an (or just an) essentialist but as an existentialist – someone who refuses to follow the dictates of the “previous”; someone who moves ahead to discover what is more meaningful and worthwhile at the present moment. Already, it seems that Modi hasn’t taken into the working team the seniors – not because he disrespects them, but possibly because meaningfulness, team, and next-generational leadership succession is in focus. Also, his choice of his ministers looks quite simple and humble (much to the chagrin of others who would have opted for larger representation, experience, expertise, etc). The bigger position ought to force some of the ministers to humble themselves to listen and learn. Is that good for leadership (if one expects the leader to be the eyes of the team)? – But, that model of leadership may perhaps be dropped. The professionals always remain, though governments and ministers change. A leader is more a visionary and a servant, and may not always need to know everything. The very word “minister” means “servant”.

One concern lies in the area of propaganda management (controlling the third Pramana, Sabda), which is usually what determines public opinion and majority vote. “What is seen is sold” and men can only listen and believe what is told (boldly, loudly, repeatedly, and convincingly). Will the BJP try to revise the history textbooks? Will it try to culturally guide the nation? The above three tools will give slightly different answers. We’ll need to wait and see what will come to be. Truth, liberty, integrity, and efficiency is what the nation looks forward too.

I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior… (1Tim.2:1-3)


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