UFOs and Aliens: What Has the Bible To Say?

The Mirror recently reported another case of a UFO sighting and, this time, the head of an alien was supposedly sticking out of the UFO captured in a picture on Google Earth. (The Mirror)

A year ago, a few videos on YouTube claimed to have been taken from various angles showed images of a brilliant object descending on the Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem and suddenly shooting up.

There have also been reports from the Vatican of interest shown in the extra-terrestrials. (See Vatican, Aliens, and LUCIFER (Excerpts)).

There are those who suppose that stories of supernatural events reported through mythology and legends might have connections with visits of aliens on earth. Some like Van Daniken have accrued much fame through such themes that went viral through his book Chariots of the Gods. Number of theories have sprung up since then. History Channel has been showing a program called Ancient Aliens that tries to look at mythical stories for traces of aliens in the past.

UFO sightings are no longer considered to be negligible. Many governments and independent academics have done intensive investigation of reports and documentations of the same. (See Studies and Investigations in Wikipedia Article). The Vatican has been involved in search for extraterrestrials. (Looking for GOD and ALIENS). There seems to be optimism regarding the same. On the other hand, many Christian interpreters of Biblical Prophecy believe that such UFO sightings are forerunners of the coming of the antichrist. They might be part of the conspiracy of a secret group preparing for the coming of the Man of Sin or be preparatory acts of delusion by the powers of darkness; or by both. Some speculate that the antichrist will interpret the rapture as Alien Attack and declare a state of emergency to protect earth from alien invasion.

Whatever, it doesn’t seem easy for skeptics to deny these sightings altogether.

But, what has the Bible to say about all this?

1. The Bible does speak of some extra-terrestrials; but, they are called angels and demons. Angels aren’t some aliens inhabiting a distant planet called heaven, as Dake thought of it when he compiled the Dake’s Bible. Angels are called ministering spirits (Heb.1:14).
2. The Bible also speaks of demonic signs and wonders in the last days meant to deceive humanity and work towards the rise of the antichrist (2Thess.2:9-11).
3. Whether the UFOs are real material objects, projected on the world screen to prepare the world for the antichrist, or they are mere demonic apparitions is not solved. Either way, they are not in favor of the Biblical God. The idea of “aliens watching us” is unbiblical.
4. UFO sightings have been undeniably confirmed by various sources. However, the Bible doesn’t mention possible aliens from other planets.
5. Any sighting of an object has 4 possibilities:

a. It has been made visible by God for a reason.
b. It is a natural phenomenon.
c. It is an angelic phenomenon.
d. It has been made visible by humans.
e. It is a demonic phenomenon.

If the devil can try to show to Jesus all the world in a moment, this next thing wouldn’t be difficult for him at all.

However, not even SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) could solve the mystery of UFOs and aliens.

Belief in the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere (in aliens) and evolutionism have been going on together. The argument is that if life can evolve on earth then it can also evolve elsewhere in some other habitable planet. The Vatican’s positive attitude towards the ETs may not be separated from its conceding to the evolutionary theory, even if it were theistic evolutionism.

Hal Lindsay and others have tried to show that UFOs are demonic appearances meant to deceive humans. There are some who connect these objects with conspiracy theories of secret government activities, possibly meant in preparation of the coming of the antichrist. The following few possible interpretations can be made of a particular ET sighting:
1. It might be an anomalous illusion created by the interplay of light rays in the sky. It is possible for someone or a group of people to observe such bright anomalies and consider them to be Unidentifiable Flying Objects.
2. It might just be another aircraft, balloon, or some such object that is being misidentified.
3. It might be a demonic delusive phenomenon.

It doesn’t seem impossible for demonic apparitions to occur. The disciples mistook Jesus for a ghost when He came walking to them on the sea; which implied that they did believe that a group could see a ghost. After His resurrection, Jesus had to assure the disciples that He was not a ghost by asking them to examine Him physically; for, He said, a ghost doesn’t have flesh and bones (Luke 24:39). In other words, a ghost might not have a physically tangible body and yet be visible. But, Jesus resurrected physically and was alive in body.

Angels, of course, have been regularly seen in the Bible.

There aren’t any biblical possibilities, however, for a UFO to be a divine sign; unless, it is immediately accompanied by a divine explanation. God doesn’t just show a sign without a verbal explanation of the same.


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