The Song Is Independent Of The Songwriter

There have been some who have argued that the psalms of David must not be preached from because of the moral failures of David. The same is lamented of Solomon. However, we know that the Spirit’s inspiration overrules the time-bound fluctuations of human character. Not that the text is detached from the author; but that changes in the author do not invalidate the text that has been written.

1. Absolutes declared in the text are not invalidated by any lack of moral conformity and consistency in the author/writer.
2. The authenticity of spirit in the composition of text at a particular time is not invalidated by the lack of authenticity in the author at some other time.
3. The text becomes free of the author at its moment of publication. The author becomes accountable to the text; not vice versa.
4. The text influences how one interprets the text; similarly, how one interprets determines what one gets from the text.

Thus, the song is independent of the songwriter as far as truth and time is concerned. However, the text within context is also not separate from the story of the author. But, after its creation, the text’s story-line changes from that of the author.


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