Motivational Gifts (Rom.12:3-7)

Motivation is the process of being inspired and made enthusiastic to do something.

The person who has a motivational gift is inspired and enthusiastic to do a particular thing for which he is enabled by God.

Motivational gifts help to keep the Body of Christ motivated and lively.

8 Facts regarding the Motivational Gifts:

1. Everyone has at least one motivational gift, apart from the 9 Gifts of the Spirit (Rom.12:3)

2. Motivational gift is grace that a person is given; however, ministry gifts are persons that Christ gives to the church (Rom.12:3)

3. Motivational gifts are not mere natural talents; for example, prophecy is not a natural psychical ability; they are gifts from God that identify our fuctional role in the church (Rom.12:6)

4. Motivational gifts are given according to grace (Rom.12:3)

5. Motivational gifts are given to each according to the measure of faith which God gives to one to operate in the gift (Ro.12:3)

6. We can only operate in the motivational gift in proportion to our faith (Rom.12:6)

7. Motivational gifts can only flow out of self-surrender and humility (Rom.12:1-3)

8. Motivational gifts are action gifts, which must be used in the particular action (or ministry in ministering.. etc)

Foundations of the Motivational Gifts

1. Spiritual Worship – Sacrifice of Body (Rim.12:1)

2. Transformation of Self by Renewing of Mind – Discernment of Good and Evil (Pure Conscience) (Rom.12:2)

3. Right View of Self, God, and the Body of Christ – Relationships (Rom.12:3-5)

4. Operation in the Gifts – The Act of Service

Drivers: Grace, Faith

Qualities: Reverence, Humility, Love, Action


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