Caleb, History Maker

Numbers 13; Josh 14
Story Numbers 13

God told them to spy; why spy if He’d give.
Bible teaches human responsibility  God will give increase, but you must sow the seed. You must work. God made man to work. If you want blessing, you must do things

1. Learn about the land .. Business, job… Knowledge (Jesus said “Count the Cost”)
2. Believe that you can take the land because He has promised. Believe in God
3. Go up and fight the battle… You don’t win more territory by sleeping.

PRAYER OF JABEZ- 1Chronicles 4:9,10. But, that prayer will mean nothing unless there is proper effort to learn, proper faith to act.

Now, some say no need work. Salvation not by work. But, they don’t know James 2

Caleb – means dog. Bad! Especially for a Jew.. But, he didn’t care what his parents called him.

1. Man of Divine Vision
Caleb saw as God wanted them to see.
God showed them the land… He wanted to show the land that He was going to give them. What do you do when God shows you what He wants to give you?
– People liked it; but, people were discouraged!!!
-Caleb liked it, caleb wanted it, Caleb was ready to go take it!

General Vision: That all may be saved. It is possible for everyone to hear once about Jesus, of His power, of His teaching, of His love.

Specific Vision: What God shows that He can do with your life.
The Rich Young Man: Mark 10:17-22; Luke 18:23
God showed Him the Kingdom of God; but, when He told him what he should do, he was discouraged…

Similar like the other 10 spies; when God showed them the Promised Land, they were happy, but when they realized what they had to do they were discouraged..

First thing, it is not your battle… God wants to carry you through!

HE CARRIED: Deut 1:32,33. Not just a vision of Glory, but also the affirmation of GRACE


God doesn’t call you for the possible; He calls you for the impossible!

Now, divine vision is not personal desire!!!! JER.14:14 (False Vision); JER 23:25 (False Dreams)

2. Man of Unshakeable Faith
Caleb not only saw, he was unshakeable in his conviction.. Num.13:30: LET US GO UP AT ONCE!!!!!
Psalm 125:1- Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved…
James 1:6- Doubts like wave….


Rom.4:20.. Abraham.. believed in God’s vision…..

3. Man of Determination
Will not allow something to stay unfinished… The Anakites are what they feared, they said that they cannot.. Now, at 80… I will take them..
Kirjath-arba (City of Arba, Anakite)
Hebron (Association, Sambandh)

Joshua 14:9-12.. GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN

General Vision: The Land to Israel
Specific Vision: Num 14:24; Josh 14:9


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