5 Entanglements that Christ Came to Deliver Us From

5 Human Entanglements that Christ Came To Deliver Us From


– They complicate life – Matt.23:4 “They tie up heavy loads and put them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them. (Mat 23:4 NIV)

– They violate God’s commandments – Mark 7:8,9 – Set aside commandments for traditions

– They fossilize spirituality – Col.2:23 – False customs that have no value for the spirit.

– They hinder change – old wineskins can’t hold new wine (Mat.9:17)

– They worsen the convert – (Mat.23:15)


1. Traditions (Mark 7:8,9) – Traditionalism

:::caste-desire for dignity, social honor (Pharisees Jn.5:44); “what would people think?” Not desiring to be “rejected of men” (Vs.Isa.53)/ “Denominationalism”

2. Mammon (Lk.16:13-15; 1Tim.6:10)

::: Achan…Gehazi…Judas Iscariot… Materialism

3. Flesh (2Pet.2:18-22) – Sensualism (Sensationalism)

Lust of flesh, works of flesh, passions of flesh…Gal.5:19-21

::: Their god is their belly – Phil.3:19; Rom.16:17,18; Jude 19; 1Cor.6:13

Action-packed, stimulating, entertaining…. carnal food.

4. Debased Mind (Rom.1:28-32; 2Thess.2:11,12)

:::Genesis 6:5-Imaginations so rotten… Rom.1:21,22-foolish hearts darkened.

Can’t think right anymore… Mat.7:6- Gospel is like pearls before swine for them.

5. Sin – One sin after another (Jn.8:34) – Prov.12:13

– David.. Bathsheba.. Uriah..; Ananias Saphira.. Lie after lie.. Gehazi..

Traditions– Love of God (The Golden Rule): (1Pet 1:18)

Mammon – Serve God (Sell all!)

Flesh – Crucify flesh/ Gal.5. Mortify deeds of body through Spirit

Mind – Tit 3:5 renewing of spirit. ROM 12, Phil 2

Sin – ROM.6. sin shall not reign in your mortal bodies


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