We Shall All Give Account To God (Rom.14:12-15)

We will all have to give an account to God of our:

  1. Thoughts/Conscience (Rom.2:15-16; Heb.4:12,13)
  2. Words (Matt.12:36; Jude 14-16; 2Cor.5:10)
  3. Works (Eccl.12:14; Rev.20:12,13)
  4. Desires/Pursuits (Rom.2:7)
  5. Treasures, Stewardship/Talents, Expenditures and Investments (Matt.6:20; Phil.4:17; Matt.25:19; 1Tim.6:17-19; Rev.3:18)
  6. Obedience to Faith (Rom.4:3; 2Thess.1:8)
  7. Choices and Lifestyle, Time Spent (Eccl.11:9)
  8. Souls (Heb.13:17; Rom.14:12; 1Cor.8:12,13; 1Pet.5:4)
  9. Acts towards the Body of Christ (1Cor.3:10-17)
  10. Ministry (James 3:1; Lk.12:47-48; Jer.48:10; 2Cor.4:1-2)

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