Honoring God

What Honoring is Not
1. Honoring is Not Mere Lip Service (Isa.29:13)
2. Honoring is Not Mere Sacrifices and Offerings (Isa.1:13-15)
3. Honoring is Not Honoring Out of Greed and Covetousness (Job 1)

How do People Dishonor God
1. Receiving Honor from Men (Jn.5:44; Gal.1:10)
2. Not Obeying His Counsel (Psa.107:11; Lk.7:29,30)
3. Dishonoring by Not Giving Unto the Lord (Mal.3:8-10)
4. Dishonoring by Bad Giving (Mal.1:6,7,12-14)
5. Dishonoring by Betrayal (Heb.6:1-11)
6. Cursing God when Things Don’t Go Well (Job 1)

Honoring God
1. Honoring God with our Hearts (Isa.29:13; Deut 6:5)
2. Honoring by Obeying God rather than Man (Acts 5:29)
3. Honoring by Right Giving (Prov.3:9)
4. Honoring by Blessing God and Worshiping Even in Dire Circumstances (Job 1; Acts 16:25)
5. Honoring God by Public Confession (Not being ashamed of Him, Mark 8:38, Rom.1:16; 1Pet.3:15)
6. Honoring God by Bearing Fruit Unto God (Lk.3:8; Rom.6:22; Phil.1:11; Col.1:10)
7. Honoring God by Doing Good, Seeking Justice, Rebuking the Oppressor, Defending the Orphan, Pleading for the Widow (Isa.1:17)
8. Honoring Continually with Sacrifice of Praises (Heb.13:15; Psa.34:1)


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