Domenic Marbaniang is a Christian teacher, writer, and musician.

Work History:

2011-Present Provost/Professor
Central India Theological Seminary
2008-2011 Dean/Professor/Editor
Central India Theological Seminary
2002-2008 Lecturer
Central India Theological Seminary
2010-Present Teaching Pastor
Pentecostal Church of Itarsi
2002-Present Co-Pastor
House of Prayer

Visiting Professorships:

2012-2015 Centre for Contemporary Christianity, Bangalore
2008-2010 New Life College, Bangalore
2008-2009 GCC Training Centre, Shillong

Empowered21 India Regional Cabinet


2007 PhD in Religion and Philosophy, AAHE, Bangalore
2005 MPhil in Religion and Philosophy, AIT, Bangalore
2004 MA in Religion and Philosophy, AAHE, Bangalore
2001 MDiv, CITS, Itarsi
1998 BTh, CITS, Itarsi

Speaker for:

2011 IPC General Convention, Kumbanad
2011 IPC State Convention, Chattisgarh
2012-2016 FPCG General Convention, Itarsi
2010 4/14 Windows Consultation Bihar
2012 IPC Kottayam College Mission Conference
2011 IPC State Convention, Chattisgarh
2013 Himalayan Pentecostal Churches Conference, Nepal
2014 Church of God State Convention, Kerala
2015 Methodist Church Convention, Jabalpur
2016 Kononia Church Pastors’ Conference, Pune


2010 National Seminar on Religious Fundamentalism, Andhra University
2013 CMS Conference, Union Biblical Seminary
Paper on Corruption: A Philosophical Analysis
2014 CMS Conference, Union Biblical Seminary
Paper on Globalization: A Theological Overview

1. Epistemics of Divine Reality, Bangalore: Pothi, 2011
2. Hinduism: Pre-Vedic and Vedic Age, Lulu, 2015.
3. God and Politics, Lulu, 2014
4. Logic of Faith, Lulu, 2014
5. Chronicles of Sin: City of Magic, A Novella, Lulu, 2013
6. Corruption: Roots, Challenges, Solutions, Lulu, 2013
7. Child Development, Lulu, 2013
8. Bible Ki Buniyadi Shikshayen (Hindi), Anuppur: House of Prayer, 2012.
    Bible Di Buniyadi Shikhavan (Punjabi, Trans. By Jai Singh).
9. Essays on World Religions, Lulu, 2012
10. Introduction to Philosophical Ethics: A Christian Perspective, Lulu, 2012
11. Explorations of Faith, Bangalore: Pothi, 2011
12. Secularism in India: A Historical Analysis, Bangalore: Pothi, 2011
13. Modern Theologies of Revelation, Lulu, 2011
14. Philosophy of Science: An Introduction, Lulu, 2011
15. Theology and Philosophy of Religion, Lulu, 2011
16. God in Flesh: Essays and Poems on Jesus Christ, Lulu, 2011
17. A Dialogue on Trinity, Lulu, 2011
18. Hamartiology: Notes on Philosophical Theology, Lulu, 2011
19. Beyond the Shadows and Other Essays, Bangalore: Pothi, 2011
20. Goosebumps: An Anthology of Poems, Bangalore: Pothi, 2011
21. Journey to Absolute Truth, Scribd, 2011
22. Psalm 50: A Call to Worship in Spirit and Truth, Google Books, 2009
23. The Story of Prarthana Bhavan, Google Books, 2009