1. “My Church” “Your Church” – How Right Are These Expressions?
  2. 1 Peter 3:19-20: Did Jesus Go to Hell?
  3. 7 Reasons Why Jesus Was Chosen As the Lamb of God
  4. Are Multiverses (or Multiple Universes) Possible?
  5. Biblical Qualifications of Choir (Band) Members
  6. Can a Christian Use Medicines?
  7. Can Satan Read Our Minds?
  8. Can the Forgiven Become Unforgiven Again?
  9. Can we pray for God’s wrath on our enemies like David did in the Old Testament
  10. Can We Trust the Bible?
  11. Death – Was Adam Created Immortal? – Excerpt
  12. Did Jesus Turn Water into Liquor?
  13. Does God Know the Future? Epistemic Concerns and Rational Fideism
  14. Does Morality Make Sense Without God? or Is God Necessary for Morality?
  15. How Can Jesus Be Fully God and Fully Man At the Same Time?
  16. How Can Those Already Dead in Sins Die in Christ Again?
  17. How Could An Innocent Man Die for the Sins of the World?
  18. How Does God Speak to Us or Lead Us?
  19. If Christ Died For All, Why Are They Still Condemned?
  20. If God Is Love Means The Father Eternally Loves The Son, Does God Is Judge Means He Eternally Judges The Son?
  21. If God Knew that Man would Sin, Why Create Man?
  22. Is Faith in God Different From Faith In Other Things?
  23. Is Fallenness Present As Opposite Sex Attraction In Some And Same-Sex Attraction In Others?
  24. Is it not cruel for God to kill His Son in place of us?
  25. Is missionary work superstitious and hindrance to progress?
  26. Is Money All One Needs?
  27. Is Philosophy Dead? Is Science All That Is?
  28. Is Polygamy Allowed in the New Testament Era? Practical Issues
  29. Is the Idea of a Christian Nation Rational and Biblical?
  30. Is Tithe the Same as Income Tax?
  31. Is Water Baptism Necessary Before Partaking in Lord's Supper
  32. Omnipotence Paradox – Can God Create a Stone He Cannot Lift?
  33. Q&A: The Laws of Moses Look So Hard and Inhumane!
  34. Questions & Answers Regarding the Lord’s Supper
  35. Should a Christian Be Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?
  36. Should Christians Celebrate Jewish Feasts?
  37. The Security of the Elect – Is It Possible for the Elect to Fall?
  38. Was John 7:53-8:11 in the Original Text?
  39. Were Peter and John Illiterate?
  40. What does it mean to be led by the Spirit? – Criteria
  41. What Does it Mean to Tempt God?
  42. What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?
  43. What is the meaning of Baptism?
  44. What Is Wrong With Homosexuality?
  45. What Will Happen To Those Who Have Not Heard the Gospel?
  46. Who is an Apostle? – A Study
  47. Why Am I Still Alive?
  48. Why Am I Still Alive?
  49. Why Do People Believe in God?

Current Issues

  1. Anti-Conversion Bill Passed In Jharkhand
  2. Narrative Criticism
  3. Pokémon Go, Safe Or Unsafe?
  4. Presbyterian Church USA Allows GAY MARRIAGES – Church Unreformed
  5. The Abomination of Casteism
  6. The Nasrani Symbol
  7. The Sunni-Shia Conflict in Iraq
  8. UFOs and Aliens: What Has the Bible To Say?
  9. Unity in the Body: Ecumenical Attempts in the 21st Century
  10. Women as Bishops: What Would the Bible Say?


  1. Academics, Politics, and the Gospel
  2. Anti-Conversion Laws In India
  3. Civil Disobedience, Law, and Justice
  5. Democracy Is Not Meant to Be Mobocracy
  6. Do Race and Religion Define Nationality? Semantic Analyses
  7. Government of the Poor
  8. Is it Ethical for Kejriwal to Refuse Police Protection?
  9. Is the Idea of a Christian Nation Rational and Biblical?
  10. Philosophical Roots of Law and Politics
  11. Politics and Lies
  12. Raja-niti Vs Loka-niti (Sarvodaya’s Quest for True Democracy)
  13. Struggle for Separate States
  14. The Kingdom in Secular Politics
  15. The Moral Basis of Indian Law
  16. The Opposition in Democracy
  17. The Rule of Law Vs The Rule of People
  18. The Upper and Lower Story Problem in Theologically Secularizing Politics

Bible Studies

  1. 10 Kinds of Lazy People in the World
  2. 10 Principles of Increase
  3. 10 Truths About Godliness in 1 Timothy
  4. 11 Lessons from the Journey of Israel
  5. 12 Qualities of Eternal Life
  6. 14 Qualities of True Friendship According to Jesus (John 15: 9-17)
  7. 25 Things Christ Accomplished on the Cross
  8. 4 Pillars of Spiritual Instruction
  9. 5 Principles of Moving Ahead (Philippians 3:13-15)
  10. 7 Ghastly Sins of Ministry (Micah 3)
  11. 7 Hebrew Words for PRAISE
  12. 7 Rules of Success
  13. 70 Weeks of Daniel – Chart
  14. 8 Lessons from the Book of Job
  15. A Mother’s Heart for Her Son – Proverbs 31
  16. Abstaining from Eating Blood
  17. Ambition and Strong-Will
  18. Are There Money Bags in Heaven?
  19. Assassins of Faith Vs Keepers of Faith – A Study
  20. त्रिएकता की महत्‍वपूर्णता
  21. Beatitudes for a Bewildered World
  23. Biblical Qualifications of Choir (Band) Members
  24. Binding the Strong Man (Matthew 12:28)
  25. Blessed Are Those Who Mourn – The Need of the Hour
  26. Blessings of Abiding in Christ (John 15)
  27. Blessings of Sonship in Christ (Galatians 4)
  28. Calling and Career
  29. Can Satan Read Our Minds?
  30. Charitable Loan Vs Commercial and Luxury Loans
  31. Child-Like Faith
  32. Christ the Mediator Between The Believer and All Things
  33. Christ-Like and Christ-Unlike Mission Models
  34. Christ-Likeness
  35. Christian Ethics in Family and Society
  36. Clothing and Culture
  37. Daniel – Lecture 2
  38. Dealing with Denial
  39. Dealing with Frustration the Jesus Way
  40. Did Jesus Claim to Be God?
  41. Did Moses Change God's Mind Through Intercession?
  42. Did Paul Literally Mean that Timothy Should Drink Wine?
  43. Divine Appointments (Lessons from the Life of Joseph of Arimathea)
  44. Divine Healing for Our Bodies – Dr. Matthew K. Thomas
  45. Do Not Judge!
  46. Don’t Allow the Spirit to Be Crushed by Worldly Pressures!
  47. Dying to the Elemental Principles of the Universe (Col.2:20)
  48. Earnestly Desiring the Best Gifts of the Spirit
  49. Ecclesiastes 1:2,3: the Meaning of Vanity
  50. Elasticity and Stress in Trials
  51. Emotional Wisdom and Justice
  52. Employee Exploitation – What Does The Bible Say?
  53. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. (Hebrews 11:1)
  54. Family and Ministry
  55. Fasting According to the Bible
  56. Fear and Love: Filial Vs Servile Fear
  57. Fear of God and the Holy Spirit
  58. Feasts of Israel
  59. Feasts of Israel: Three Functions
  60. Feasts Of The Lord & Their Significance
  61. Few Characteristics of Mosaic Law
  62. Few Principles of Financial Prosperity
  63. Finding Grace
  64. Five-fold Ministry
  65. FOLLOW ME – Bible Study
  66. Four Bequeathals of Pride (Proverbs)
  67. Friend of Sinners
  68. Gaining Wisdom
  69. God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
  70. God is Not a God of Disorder But of Peace
  71. God-Christ-Man-Woman Relationship in 1 Corinthians 11
  72. Grace Above Law
  73. Handling Doubt
  74. He Will Baptize You With The Holy Spirit (Mark 1:8)
  75. Holding No Grudge, Forgiving Each Other (Understanding Christ’s Sovereignty in Relationships)
  76. How Do We Know If An Opportunity Is From God?
  77. How Do You Deal With Your Brother (Matthew 5:22) – Exposition
  78. How Must Our Words Be?
  79. How to Receive from God our Father
  80. I AM THAT I AM
  81. I AM THAT I AM (Ex. 3:14)
  82. Ichabod
  83. If God Knew That Man Would Sin, Why Create Man?
  84. In the Beginning was the Word (Exposition of John 1:1-5)
  85. Is Polygamy Allowed in the New Testament Era? Practical Issues
  86. Is Slaying in the Spirit Biblical?
  87. Isaac Had An Eleazar, But Jacob Had None
  88. Jesus on Adultery, Polygamy, and Divorce
  89. Job: Attempts to Justify God Can End up in Bad Theology – I
  90. Job: The Friends of Job Pursue the Will of the Devil to Find Fault with Job (3rd Round: Chs 21-31)
  91. Job: You…make my humiliation an argument against me (Round 2: Chs12-20)
  92. KEYS that KEEP (Psalm 25:12,15)
  93. Land Ownership Rights in Leviticus 25: Acquisition, Redemption, and Restoration
  94. Lead us not into temptation (Matt 6:13) – With Quotes from John Gilland William Gurnall
  95. Multilingual Churches
  96. Perfecting Holiness in the Fear of the Lord (2Cor.7:1)
  97. Preach the Word (2 Timothy 4:2)
  98. Protection of the Innocent in the Old Testament (Deut 19)
  99. Purity in Living
  100. Pursuit of Holiness

Bible Outlines

  1. 3 Pointers of the Lord’s Table
  2. 5 Facts About the Resurrection
  3. 7 Purposes of Clothing
  4. Ability
  5. Adam, the Last
  6. Adoption
  7. Angels
  8. Anointing
  9. Anxiety
  10. Apostle
  11. Authority and Power
  12. Authority of an Apostle
  13. Authority of Jesus
  14. Authority of the Church
  15. Authority of the Devil
  16. Baptism
  17. Baptism (Water)
  18. Boredom
  19. Casting Lots
  20. Casting Out Demons
  21. Chastening
  22. Choices
  23. Choir
  24. Church
  25. Classification of Miracles
  26. Conditional Identities – Friend and Neighbor in the Bible
  27. Courage (2Timothy 1): Reasons to Be Fearless
  28. Creation
  29. Critics
  30. Demons
  31. Denial
  32. Do Not Quench the Spirit
  33. Education
  34. Emotions
  35. Faith
  36. Fear
  37. Few Characteristics of Mosaic Law
  38. Freedom in Christ
  39. Glory of the Lord
  40. God
  41. God’s Will
  42. Godly Sorrow Vs Godless Sorrow
  43. Greed
  44. Growing Up
  45. Guarding the Vulnerable Points Against Satanic Advantage
  46. Headship
  47. Hindrances and Helps to Faith
  48. Hindrances to Fruitfulness
  49. Holy Spirit
  50. Honoring God
  51. Hope
  52. How to Worship
  53. Humans
  54. Imprisonment and the Law of Moses
  55. Jesus Christ
  56. Judgment
  57. Local Church
  58. Lord’s Supper
  59. Lust
  60. Lying
  61. Miracles – Teaching Outline by Dr. Matthew Thomas
  62. Motivational Gifts (Rom.12:3-7)
  63. Moving Forward
  64. Patience
  65. Peace
  66. Persistence
  67. Persistence in Christian Life
  68. Pleasing God
  69. Political Authority
  70. Power of the Blood of Jesus
  71. Praying for Good Things
  72. Repentance
  73. Salvation
  74. Self-Control
  75. Slavery
  76. Softening Hardened Hearts
  77. Sources of Dreams
  78. Stewardship
  79. Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain
  80. Tempting God
  81. The Glory of the Lord – A Theological Overview
  82. The Goodness of God
  83. Three H’s of Marriage from Hebrews 13:4
  84. Trinity
  85. Two Faces of Anger
  86. Wisdom


  1. A Basis For Depending On Scripture (Seminary Papers)
  2. Attacks on God
  3. Australopithecus Deyiremeda: Strong Argument for Evolutionism?
  4. Can We Trust the Bible?
  5. Creation-Faith and the Value of the Cosmological Argument | Domenic Marbaniang
  6. Did Jesus Claim to Be God?
  7. Does Morality Make Sense Without God? or Is God Necessary for Morality?
  8. Does the Moral Law Require a Moral Lawgiver? | Domenic Marbaniang
  9. God in Graphology: Considerations in Gematria, Theology of the Alphabet (Hebrew, Chinese), and Philosophy of the Word
  10. If The Doctrine of Trinity Is Illogical, Then Everything Else is Illogical
  11. Illustrating Trinity
  12. Is it not cruel for God to kill His Son in place of us?
  13. Notes on Thanatology: Arguments against Materialistic Annihilationism
  14. Should the Genesis Account of Creation Be Taken Literally Or Figuratively?
  15. The Authenticity of the New Testament
  16. The Problem of Evil As Evil
  17. The Significance of Miracles
  18. Was John 7:53-8:11 in the Original Text?
  19. Why Does the Universe Look So Old? | Albert Mohler Transcript at ICR


  1. 20th Century Christian Contribution to Philosophy
  2. Are Abstract Objects Real? or Did God Create Abstract Objects, If There Are Anything Like That?
  3. Aristotle’s Temporal Logic and the Problem of Foreknowledge in Jesus’ Prediction of Peter’s Denial
  4. Atheism in India
  5. Brain Science and Conscious Reality (Philosophy of Science)
  6. Charvaka, Lokayata, the Materialist, and Secularist
  7. Epistemology of God
  8. Epistemology of Science (Philosophy of Scientific Knowledge)
  9. Evolutionism & Living Reality
  10. God in Graphology: Considerations in Gematria, Theology of the Alphabet (Hebrew, Chinese), and Philosophy of the Word
  11. Is Faith in God Different From Faith In Other Things?
  12. Is God a Working Hypothesis? The Problem With Pragmatism
  13. Is God Temporal or Timeless?
  14. Is Philosophy Dead? Is Science All That Is?
  15. Is Yoga Just About Exercises?
  16. Kant’s Table of Judgments of Reason and the Categories of Understanding
  17. Kumarila Bhatta’s (660CE) Foundationalism (or Intrinsic Reliability)
  18. Living Reality (Metaphysics of Science)
  19. Metaphysics of Science: Ultimate Reality
  20. Notes on Thanatology: Arguments against Materialistic Annihilationism
  21. On Philosophers Misunderstood
  22. Philosophical Roots of Law and Politics
  23. Philosophy of Medicine Vs Medical Philosophies
  24. Placebo and the Philosophy of Mind and Matter in Drug Research
  25. Plato’s Parmenides: A Guide
  26. Plato’s Political Theory of Music
  27. Reliability, Predictability, and Paul the Octopus
  28. Søren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855)
  29. Some Keys to Hegel’s Phenomenology of the Mind
  30. Systems of Offences and Leaders of Change
  31. The Anthropic Principle and Epistemic Issues
  32. The Inclination Towards “Filling In The Blanks”
  33. The Neo-Polytheism of Hubert Dreyfus: A Rational Fideist Analysis
  34. The Search for Reality in Greek and Indian Philosophy
  35. Three Divisions of Philosophical Theology
  36. Time Theories and the Limits of Reason


  1. Akbar: A Syncretistic and Rational Approach to Religion
  2. Anatomy of Religious Violence
  3. Christianity and Culture
  4. Concepts and Dimensions of Conversion and Religious Experience
  5. Culture and Religion
  6. Do Race and Religion Define Nationality? Semantic Analyses
  7. Emperor Ashoka and His Humanitarian Approach to Religion
  8. Faith Versus Religious Conversion
  9. Gandhi’s Views on Secularism
  10. Hinduism – 4 Stages of Life and 3 Ways of Salvation – Parallels with Christianity
  11. Incarnation Vs. Avatar: 8 Differences
  12. Is the Idea of a Christian Nation Rational and Biblical?
  13. Islam: Main Teachings and 5 Pillars
  14. Jesus in the Quran
  15. Manu, Nuh, Nu’ua, or Minnos
  16. Origin of Religions
  17. Psychological Understanding of Religion
  18. Reality Concerns in the Metaphysics of Religious Experience
  19. Religion and Culture: Differences (Table)
  20. Religion and Culture: Problems in Definition -1
  21. Religion in the Pre-Vedic Age (c3000-1700 BC)
  22. Religions and An Evangelist’s Approach to Other Faiths – Lectures
  23. Religious Fundamentalism – A Philosophical Perspective
  24. Talmudic Sayings
  25. The 7 Laws of Noah For All Mankind According To The Babylonian Talmud
  26. The Abomination of Casteism
  27. The Bible and Bhavishya Purana
  28. The Nasrani Symbol
  29. The Sunni-Shia Conflict in Iraq
  30. The Vedas
  31. The War of Kalinga and Modern Religious Conscience
  32. Vedic Society (C.1750-600 BC)
  33. Vedic Theology
  34. Vedic Worship
  35. Why Study Major Religions


  1. "You Watch Over Me" – Poem
  2. A Close Shave
  3. A Dozen Mirrors Wouldn’t Do – Poem
  4. A Morning Song
  5. A Tale of Something, or Nothing, and God
  6. All of You, None of Me
  7. Amazing Love
  8. ANGER is one-letter away from DANGER
  9. Be My Everything – Poem
  10. Beauty for Ashes – Poem
  11. Bloom Where You’ve Been Planted!
  12. By the Gate Called Beautiful – Poem
  13. Christ Alone, and Nothing Besides – Poem
  14. Clear the Sky!
  15. Conquer this Self!
  16. Cover Me, Savior!
  17. Death the Formidable Policeman
  18. Delay is not denial
  19. Deliverance from Myself
  20. Do not let go off HOPE… (Poem)
  21. Do Not Worry – A Poem
  22. Dreams
  23. Drown Me in Your Light!
  24. Each Stroke of Your Blood
  25. Ego Masks
  26. Empty Desire, Encounter with Stranger, The Call of Drunkenness, and Pursuit of Wisdom (Poetic Excerpts from Stranger)
  27. Eternal Destiny
  28. Eye Salve
  29. Eyes of Love
  30. Faith (Poem)
  31. Family
  32. Father, You Are the Artist of Canvas and Paint – Poem
  33. Fay Clayton – Ballad of the Unborn
  34. Flee Lust!
  35. From now on… (ab sey)
  36. God in the Midst of Sudden Silence
  37. God Speaks Through Dreams – Poem
  38. God’s Gifts To Man
  39. Goosebumps
  40. He Sees Me, I See Light! – Poem
  41. How I Seek Your Anointing Lord!
  42. How new will this New Year be – we must make it new!
  43. How Old Have We Grown
  44. I Said, Lord, Of Sin My Life Has Been A Mess
  45. I Sought Your Face… (Poem)
  46. I Stand at the Edge of A Cliff
  47. If I Love You Less, Then How Can I Call You Lord!
  48. Isaiah
  49. Kingdom of Hell
  50. Led by God
  51. Madness – A Poem
  52. Man Beyond Nothingness
  53. Miracles
  55. My Lines Have Fallen In Pleasant Places
  56. No Goodbyes for 2013
  57. Nothing Can Challenge the Greatness of God (Poem)
  58. Ocean of Kindness – Poem
  59. On a Dual Prophecy
  60. On Family, Familiarity, and Fear
  61. On the Ground
  62. One another year has blown past our face…
  63. Open Doors
  64. Over Life’s Rough and Rugged Roads
  66. Patience, the Steel of Character – A Poem
  67. Peace – A Poem
  68. Poem for Parents
  69. Poems by Ruth Bell Graham
  70. Protect Your Heart
  71. Renew!
  72. Right or Wrong? – Poem
  73. Rule My Heart!
  74. Sardis (Rev.3:1-6) – Poem
  75. Say "I Can"
  76. Send Your Fire
  77. Slumdog Souvenir
  78. Stand, Walk – Poem
  79. Still You Bend Down To Where I Am
  80. Strength within the Soul
  81. Take These Broken Strands, Weave Them Firmly Together!
  82. The Chariot Returns on Another Round
  83. The Cross is the Mission
  84. The Key to Wisdom – Intro
  85. The Lightning or The River of Light
  86. The Morning Moon
  87. The Murder of God (Deicide) and the Salvation of Man
  88. The Rain
  89. The Rainbow
  90. The Remorse of Ashoka – Poem
  91. The River of Life – Poem
  92. The Shield of Faith and the Spirit Inside
  93. The Sun Rise
  94. The Unique Christ – I (Poem)
  95. The Unique Christ – II (Poem) – The Song of the Clay
  96. The Unique Christ – III (Poem) – The Song of the Disciple
  97. The Unique Christ – IV – The Song of the Bride
  98. The Word is Life and Light (Jn.1:4)
  99. The World a Wily Tradesman
  100. The World is Not Your End

Scripture Jots

  1. 7 Marks of Maturity (Phil.3)
  2. A Hireling Flees
  3. Acts 3:6 Christ didn’t leave with us silver and gold
  4. Can You Sing Psalm 1 Yet?
  5. Circumstantial Guidance
  6. Citizenship Cooperation With Country’s Cause
  7. Covenant Based on Better Promises (Heb.8:6)
  8. Does Faith in God Make us Invincible and Devoid of Responsibility to Lock our Doors? (Matt 2:22)
  9. Fashion Worries – Matt 6:28-30
  10. Giving Cheerfully – 2Cor.9:7
  11. Giving to the One Who Asks – Matthew 5:42
  12. God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ (2Cor.1:3)
  13. Hating in Order to Truly Love (Lk 14:26)
  14. Humility Before God and Men (1Pet.5:5)
  15. Job 1: The Man Who Put The Devil To Shame
  16. Love (1Cor. 13)
  17. Love God With All Your Strength (Mark 12:30)
  18. Mourning and Repentance – Matthew 5:4
  19. Nothingness
  20. One Body
  21. One Thing Is Needed (Lk.10:41-42)
  22. Personal and Mass Evangelism
  23. Reverence in the Temple – Mark 11:16
  24. Say the Words…
  25. Seeking the Lost: Luke 15:1-7
  26. Sowing Money and Goods to the Spirit (Gal.6:7-9)
  27. The Basket and the Rope (Acts 9:25)
  28. The Call of Moses: Exo 4:13-17
  29. The Call of Moses: Exo 4:6-9
  30. The Call of Moses: Exodus 3
  31. The Call of Moses: Exodus 4:1-5
  32. The Call of Moses: Exodus 4:10-12
  33. The Doubter – James 1:6
  34. The Golden Rule – Matthew 7:12
  35. The Light of Law Vs Light of Christ (John 8)
  36. The Light Shines In The Darkness
  37. The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want (Psalm 23:1)
  38. The Lord is my Strength – Exodus 15:2
  39. The Lord Knows the Way of the Righteous
  40. The Narrow Gate (Matt.7:13,14)
  41. The Rewards of Risk-Taking (Eccl. 11:1-6)
  42. The Wheat Must Die To Bear Fruit (Jn.12:24)
  43. This Generation Will By No Means Pass Away Till All These Things Take Place, What Does THIS GENERATION mean?
  44. True Security – The Original Sense of Nakedness (Matt 6:31-33)
  45. What Did Jesus Mean When He Said His Time Had Not Yet Come?
  46. When God Asks for A Favor


  1. A Dialogue on Trinity
  2. A Dialogue on Trinity – III
  3. A Dialogue on Trinity-2
  4. Adoniram Judson, Missionary to Burma
  5. Amulet of Virtue (The Cure of Corruption) – A Satirical Story byHarishankar Parsai (English Version)
  6. Doing Theology With Relevance
  7. Encounter With Chance
  8. Evangelism by the Holy Spirit: Electrifying Testimonies from the Ministry of Charles Finney
  9. God Cannot Be Doubted, He Is In Control – A Short Story
  10. God Holds Our Future – The Story of 3 Trees
  11. He Stills the Storm to A Whisper: An Unforgettable Boat Ride (Story with A Lesson)
  12. Ignatius of Antioch (d. c. 98-117)
  13. IRENAEUS (c.130-c.200)
  14. Judge Nothing Before the Time – Story
  15. JUSTIN MARTYR (c. 100- c.165)
  16. Karamchand Hans of Ferozepur City
  17. Love Leaves No Knots – A Story about Forgiveness
  18. Matthew K. Thomas
  19. Pastor Karamchand Hans, Miracles at Sanjaynagar (Convention, October 1992)
  20. Ravi Zacharias
  21. Søren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855)
  22. Story of the Song Stuti Aradhana Upar Jati Hei
  23. The Death of Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna
  24. The Imps and Beelzebub at a Ministers’ Conference – Short Story
  25. The Mystery Doctor Who Did What Was Right – An Inspirational Story byRobert Schuller
  26. The Parables of Sadhu Sundar Singh
  27. The Story of Kurien Thomas: First Steps
  28. Zac Poonen

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